About Us

Improving lives is a multi level marketing scheme, it is a platform that helps to improve the lives of people through provision of foodstuffs to eradicate hunger in the community.

With many experience in the network marketing industry, this scheme has come up with the simplest matrix which is 2 by 2 from level 1 till the final stage. Improving lives has come to make lives easy for everyone. With a one time registration fees of 3000 naira, you automatically become a member. To gain access to the incentives such as foodstuffs, home appliances, cash and a brand new car, you are encouraged to introduce 2 people which in turns introduce their own 2 people making it 6 people. That qualify you for incentives. Collection of incentives is 2 times in a month,11th and 26th.We are here to improve lives towards a better living.

Our Core Values

To provide adequate and well nourished food to the masses irrespective of your income or economic status.

To provide an everlasting solution to hunger and malnutrition in the country

Improving lives: a passion towards eradication of hunger ,malnutrition, poverty in our society and Africa at large