About Us

Improving Lives is a multi level marketing scheme, it is a platform that helps to improve the lives of people through provision of foodstuffs to eradicate hunger in the community.

With many experience in the network marketing industry, this scheme has come up with the simplest matrix which is 3 by 2 from feeder stage till the final stage. Improving lives has come to make lives easy for everyone. With a one time registration fees of 1000 naira, you automatically become a member. To gain access to the incentives such as foodstuffs, home appliances,cash and a brand new car,you are encouraged to introduce 3 people which automatically qualifies you for incentives thus moving to the next stage. Our platform is fully automated with a wallet that allows members withdraw their earnings at anytime, anywhere.…

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What Members Say About Us
  • “This Network is exceptional, I was a member of the first programe (Improving Livez Basic), it was awesome. So I decided to give this one a try too and I am glad I did. ” - Nnadi Ebubechi
  • "Amazing job guys. Keep this up and sooner rather than latter improving livez will dominate the nation's food network." - Yemi Akinfenwa
  • “Due to unfortunate experiences I have had with other networks, I never believed I will see a network such as this. I am glad to be a member of improving livez classic” - Chinwendu Mboma
Frequent Asked Questions
How much do I need to register?
With a one time registration fee of only N1,000 you automatically become a member.
What is the payment method?
You can pay either by bank transactions or pay with you Visa/Master Debit Card. After which a registration pin will be sent to you.
How many people am I to introduce?
You need 3 people to complete each stage. You introduce three, then you are automatically moved from feeder stage to stage 1.
When do I get rewarded?
The scheme has four stages, so upon commencement  earnings are credited to your wallet. Withdrawals can be made at anytime. Payments are made on mondays.